What role does the ocean play in regulating climate?
How is climate change impacting ocean properties and circulation?

These two questions are major motivators of my research and my interests in oceanography. I hope that
future oceanographic research can help enable societies to make impactful decisions in mitigating and adapating to climate change.

Postdoc at NCSU

Currently, I am a post doc at NCSU working with a hierarchy of climate models to address the question of the relative roles that wind and buoyancy forcing play on ocean variability.

Agulhas System Climate Array cruise 2016

My PhD focused on estimating a time series of South Indian Ocean heat transport from observations. To do this, we used mooring data from the Agulhas System Climate Array (ASCA), as well as Argo and satellite sea surface height. As part of this work, I joined research cruises in the Agulhas Current in April 2016 and June 2018. A presentation of the data from the ASCA mooring array is available here.

Agulhas Group

The Agulhas Group is led by Prof. Lisa Beal. Check out our research group website!