About me


I am a fifth year PhD student in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami, advised by Prof. Lisa Beal. My research focuses on estimating the heat transport of the Indian Ocean, using mooring data from the Agulhas System Climate Array (ASCA), along with Argo and satellite data. You can view a one hour seminar of my results here.

Check out more about the Agulhas Group.

Cruise experience

15 day Agulhas System Climate Array cruise from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, South Africa (April 2016). Included mooring work, drifter deployment, and CTD casts.

14 day Agulhas System Climate Array cruise from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, South Africa (June 2018). Mooring recovery, CTD casts, Argo and drifter deployment, salinity sampling.

42 day US GOSHIP I06S cruise from Cape Town to Cape Town (April - May 2019). CTD operation, salinity sampling, Argo/drifter deployments.


I have programming experience in Matlab and python. I have experience working with hydrographic, Argo, and satellite data and collecting and running salinity samples.

Other Interests

I am an avid runner. In 2018 and 2016 I completed the Miami Marathon, and on my 21st birthday I ran the Chicago Ultramarathon 50 km. Recently, I'm more interested in 5k's to half marathons, however I do hope to run the Boston Marathon and the Two Oceans (ultra) Marathon sometime in the next few years. I also participate in outreach with various groups fighting climate change in Miami and I try to promote the idea that not all scientists are old white men.

Graduate courses

Courses taught as primary instructor
  • Honours level Basic Dynamical Oceanography at University of Cape Town (10 students, 2 week intensive course)
Courses where I was a teaching assistant
Graduate courses completed
  • Intro to Atmospheric Science
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I/II
  • Applied Data Analysis
  • Large Scale Ocean Circulation
  • Air Sea Interactions
  • Mesoscale Oceanography
  • Climate Variability
  • Data Management in the Research Environment
  • Teaching Methods in Marine and Atmospheric Science

Previous Education

I have a BA from Northwestern University, with majors in Math, Earth and Planetary Science, and Integrated Science and a minor in Gender Studies.


View my CV here.