About me


I am a post doc at NCSU working with Sarah Larson. My current research focuses on quantifying the relative impacts of wind vs buoyancy forcing on ocean variability. See more about my current research here.

Check out more about the Agulhas Group.

Cruise experience

15 day Agulhas System Climate Array cruise from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, South Africa (April 2016). Included mooring work, drifter deployment, and CTD casts.

14 day Agulhas System Climate Array cruise from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, South Africa (June 2018). Mooring recovery, CTD casts, Argo and drifter deployment, salinity sampling.

42 day US GOSHIP I06S cruise from Cape Town to Cape Town (April - May 2019). CTD operation, salinity sampling, Argo/drifter deployments.

2 single day cruises aboard the RV Walton Smith teaching undergraduates, February 2020.


I have programming experience in Matlab and python. I have experience working with hydrographic, Argo, and satellite data and collecting and running salinity samples.

Other Interests

I am an avid runner and I am dedicated to improving diversity within the Ocean Science community.


Courses taught as primary instructor
  • Honours level Basic Dynamical Oceanography at University of Cape Town (10 students, 2 week intensive course)
Courses where I was a teaching assistant
  • Introduction to Physical Oceanography (graduate level), in person instructor for hybrid class led by Lisa Beal
  • Climate and Global Change led by Igor Kamenkovich
  • Environmental Oceanography led by Pam Reid


PhD, University of Miami, Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

BA, Northwestern University, with majors in Math, Earth and Planetary Science, and Integrated Science and a minor in Gender Studies.


View my CV here.